As seen on Hotwired, Good Morning America and the Today Show , TriSenx (update formerly at website no longer working 2011) is a company that has created the Scent Dome(tm). a device that plugs into your computer and outputs scents (vapors that smell in reality) as you surf the internet and want to sample the smells from various websites.

The idea is that if a consumer is surfing the net looking at perfumes lets say, they can click on the “smell this” button and their scent dome will crank up and out the associated scent.

It wasn’t so long ago that a discussion in the MindManager Group at Yahoo (see post 5601) expanded on the notion of potentially scent coding maps or various branches of mindmaps.

A technology such as Trisenx’s is already adapted for the purpose. It could actually make that application a reality. The question of how to fully engage our brain and get the most of our faculties or resources is basically the issue at hand.

Our sense of smell is deeply rooted in our lower brain stem. Associating items for memory to a scent can be a powerful mechanism for associative recall.

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