Now Serving: The Media Microchunk – Mar. 13, 2006

Back in 1997, I wrote an article about the future impact of TiVo and digital video recorders on the television industry, largely supported by TV ads at the time. Its crystal clear today that advertising on TV is not effective today, due to a given consumers ability to TIVO a show, and run forward through the ads (sure miss the Replay units, that would delete them for you before they were recorded!).

So anyway its been almost a decade, and the TV industry is finally starting to get it a little bit, or a MicroChunk at a time. Networks are starting to capitalize on the grass roots sensation of distributing small video snipets, bundled in a format where advertising is built in and tracking programs send information back about how often the video has been viewed or distributed. nox app player for windows This is a much more useful method for bombarding people with the static of an advertisement than commercials. The videos by nature are typically much shorter, 30 seconds to a few minutes, typically. So basically instead of watching 40 minutes of TV with 20 minutes of ads inserted, the networks can now get us to watch 1 minutes of TV with 1 minute 30 seconds of ads up front, and banner ads prevalent throughout the viewing. Plus, they don’t have to worry about slot times, or anything else. The video with ads are available 24/7 around the world to all takers.

So what does the oracle think about the future to come and the impact of this phenomenon. First, the television industry will experience a short term boon of 2-5 years benefiting from new revenue streams. Bloggers and Website sponsors will also benefit as they bring in more traffic and receive affiliate MicroChunks of revenue from providing the video clips. However, She who hackeths can hacketh away.

Just as programmers were able to develop the wiz bang technology that brought us a TIVO capable of digitizing TV on a hard drive, and just as programmers created a new media to distribute advertising currently called the MicroChunk. Some very intelligent hacker will find a down and dirty way to strip out that advertising from the video file and distribute the MicroChunks free of advertising.

What’s that noise??? It sounds like the grinding of gears, fireworks, maybe a small explosion . . .

Its the entertainment industry lawyers & lobbyists and their arch nemesis at the Electronic Freedom Foundation gearing up for the next battle ground. The battle to prevent digital content from being stripped of advertising in a MicroChunk form. Damn the TIVO, Damn the digital revolution, Damn the sharing of ideas and code, where will it ever end!

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Written by: Brett Bumeter, President