As people around the United States begin to fill up their McMansions, they are starting to learn that there is not a great deal of value in accumulating “stuff”. You can only have so much stuff crammed into your mansion.

More and more people are finding that there is much more value in experiences. After all it is about the people you’re with and the things you do that creates memories worth having. Accumulating stuff can create a memory, but once you’ve accumulated it there’s no action anymore.

This is driving people to change their perspective and their actions fundamentally from where people were 20 or 30 years ago during the ‘greed is good’ 1980’s. Fewer people eat dinner at home opting instead to eat dinner out at restaurants. In part it is for the experience as well as the convenience. More people are doing other things as well from taking trips all over the world to doing volunteer work and much more.

When they do acquire “stuff”, they are buying things that allow them to do more things like exercising or mountain biking or skiing or watching a DVD on their home movie theater system. An entire industry is starting to creep up that serves up the experience that people are looking for.

Off-Broadway and other types of entertainment, live entertainment and online entertainment are flourishing right now. There is an extremely high demand for content both online and off whether you’re going to see a Sting concert or you are searching for the best prices on jersey boys tickets to see a re-creation of Frankie Valley’s own life experiences.

In some regards this seems a little bit selfish but it’s also very much in keeping with the concept of carpe diem, people are seizing the day and doing things as opposed to seizing the gold and sitting on it.