The screening of passengers and baggage at airports is an excellent example of a broken technology situation.  Despite five years and hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars the TSA, US Government, Airports and Airlines can’t really seem to make this technology and process work.

First, they do not screen everything, so the screening process right from go is a little farcical.

Second, the rules are not applied in a standardize method.  So as a class or group people suffer rules designed to fit all and the rules never do.

We go to the airports and play a silly game sending our bags through X-rays looking for offending articles, we take our jackets off and our shoes and belts and then walk through a metal detector, sending our stuff through an X-ray or imaging machine. 

But the air cargo doesn’t get scanned.  This is often times a giant portion of the payload within an aircraft and if something dangerous is put in airfreight a terrorist would not necessarily have to be present nor suicidal to cause a tragedy.

I suspect that before I die, I will see the day when people will go to the airport.  They will don paper clothing issued by the TSA and will not be allowed to wear anything else. 

All baggage will be checked, and passengers will be anesthetized before being allowed onto the airplane.  At that point we will all be loaded onto the plane as air cargo, flown to our destination with no frills dreams, and revived on the other side where we will claim our bags in the carisole.

Now isn’t that a happy thought!


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