Personally, I love 3G and apparently so do all cell phone users today. We are all just so thrilled to have been using 3G phone services over the last few years that its almost impossible to contain ourselves.

Now, wouldn’t it be interesting if that were true! 3G is taking forever and a day to actually make it to consumers. As we wait and wait and wait and wait, I thought to myself, I wonder if there might be a high tech alternative? I thought about the promise of wifi and microwave technologies and all sorts of things, but came up short. Then I remembered a company founded by Motorola that almost went or did go bankrupt, Iridium.

Remember the idea of low flying satellites offering up phone access all around the world?

Ever wondered what the rates on that would be like?

Well take a look here:

I searched out a dealer and came across a company called Global Star USA (not an endorsement just the first one I found in Google).

They offer rate plans that look surprisingly close to the cellular rates that many carriers were offering 6-8 years ago.

Plus they offer Data compression options Now!

Maybe, satellite has the opportunity to provide broadband to the home, broadband to the car and broadband to the laptop, not tomorrow or 10 years from now, but today!

It would take a bit of new financing for the satellite phone industry, but if they could convert over users to a satellite option, say stealing a page or two from Dish Network marketing book, they might just hook enough customers to bring down the rates and be competitive with the larger celllular carriers.

Voice Pricing: Airtime Pricing: Globalstar