SanDisk released its new 32 Gigabyte hard drive in advance of the Consumer Electronics Show this year.  Their new solid state hard drive promises to be almost 100 times faster than conventional laptop hard drives, and it will consume about 0.4 watts of power during active use compared with regular hard drives sucking down a full 1.0 watts.

That will spell faster speeds and longer batter life for laptop users and possibly open the door for larger hard drives in mobile devices in the future from PDA’s to MP3 players.

All that flash comes at a price and right now its expected that the drive will add a $600 premium to the price of any device lucky enough to have it.  So in the short term this is probably going to be a device targeted to people computing in high performance areas where speed is essential.  Secondary users will include heavy travelers that need more battery life and have a lot of pull with budget approving accountants back at the office.

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