Samsung pre-released details of their new 3G smart phone the F700. The phone could prove to be an iPhone killer especially in all the 3G areas where the iPhone is not even on a road map to compete. Samsung will officially unveil the phone next week at the 3GSM World Congress.

Knocking Down iPhone

As a 3G phone this phone will see download speeds up to 7.2Mbps in networks where HSDPA is deployed. That means that a 4mb song could download in 4 seconds and that is much faster than the download speeds an iPhone will see over WiFi.

It has a 5 Megapixel Auto Focus camera. The iPhone only has a 2 megapixel camera.

It has a slide down qwerty keyboard. The iPhone has a touch screen.

It supports Bluetooth and is about twice as thick as a slivr. Oh and it has a 2.78 inch color display that runs a full html browser or Flash.
Samsung F700 3G Smart phone downloads songs in 4 seconds

Taking a Lump or two in Return

Its not WiFi compatible. Its setup for a much more advanced network use, but is not backwards compatible to older WiFi systems essentially(backwards compatible isn’t exactly the right phrase, but I am taking artistic license as this device has leap frogged over the old technology).

The WiFi issue will see that this phone may not be uber popular on college campuses, but the other features could definitely make this popular with twenty somethings or older business executives.

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