Macworld: News: Cebit: Samsung shows its first Origami device

Samsung let its ‘Origami’ device out of the bag at CeBit.

The device measuring in at about half the size of a sheet of paper is touted as an Ultramobile or a hybrid between a PDA and a tablet PC running a specialized version of XP

In general the idea is not terribly surprising. I guess the question for me would be “Where would you put it?”

Would it go in a docking station? In a specialized mini-back pack? Its too big to go on a belt clip, so all of us would be Batman tool belt characters would be out of luck.

So where do you put this thing when your not lugging it around. Does it come with a protective case or cover, in case you want to throw it into a larger back with some books or something?

The other question is will it record movies like a TiVo such as many of the PMP’s that are coming onto the market right now?

Lots of questions and due to the spin doctors at Microsoft there aren’t a lot of answers just yet.

We’ll have to wait a couple more days before the wizard pulls back the curtain entirely, and even then it will take us a while to digest the import or lack of importance of what the wizard looks like.

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Samsung Origami