Samsung has made an advance in LCD technology that could gain them some ground in the thin phone wars.  They have created a technology that allows them to display two different images on two different sides (front and back) of the same LCD screen.

Many mobile phones offer a front and back view of an LCD screen.  This is actually 2 different screens displaying the same image or mirror image that is.

Samsung’s advance will allow them to remove one of those LCD screens from their phones that have a flip capability.  This will save 1 mm of space in phone design for flip phones.

Currently, Samsung has one of the slimmest phones on the market, the Samsung X820 which measures in at 6.9mm is not a flip phone and will not benefit from this advance.

Motorola, the company that started the race in slim phones, currently offers the slivr which measures 8 mm.  It is not a flip phone either.

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