Samsung started their manufacturing lines running off the 1.8 inch 64GB Flash Solid State Disk (SSD).  This is twice as big in storage space as their current SSD product, the 32GB SSDthat retails for about $600.

The speeds on these hard drives are ridiculously fast, they consume low amounts of power, weigh less, take up less space and could soon start to own about 1/3 of the UMPC market and about 1/4 of the notebook market.

My mouth waters just thinking about how much of a performance boost I could get from the speed and how much more battery life I could expect without a hard drive to spin up.

The price is going to be high, but I’m looking forward to the day when that price and all the other component prices comes down to a reasonable level.  Then its off to the notebook races! 

Link to DailyTech – Samsung Begins Mass Production of 64GB SSDs