Found 2 great tab managers for Safari!

Tab Lister

The first is called Tab Lister and its a free extension.

Quickly grabs everything and lets you save it.
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Tab Lister in Safari Extensions

Tab Lister Safari Tab manager

Tab Lister Safari Tab manager in action


The second (and might go away) I like even better.

It’s called Sessions. It has export options, displays the Text of the tab and the full hyperlink next to it. Available through Github, not the safari extension area

You can export to html or copy paste everything into a document or spreadsheet to sort, organize, order, and add to to-do lists or more!

Sessions Safari Tab Manager in action

Sessions Safari Tab Manager in action

What can you use it for?

Get too many open tabs, it slows down your computer and risks losing them during a crash.

This saves all that!

Better, allows you to organize those ideas (in the tabs) somewhere else so that you can do something useful with them, write a blog article, work into a project, add some notes and context somewhere and more.