Footage from the Hubo Labs

featuring the Albert Hubo
Animatronics are starting to come into their own. This is a great example. There were a number of toys at CES some featuring other versions of animatronics.

The point is that society has to start somewhere and get used to the idea of how they can be used and how they function well.

A significant amount of programming goes into animatronics motions for facial expressions. Its important to understand that this is not just a gimmic, but a valid and speedy way to communicate concepts to humans attempting to interpret what something is saying.

The reason why a robot speaking with a classic sounding voice simulator feels so foreign to a human in one part is due to the absence of facial features. Features such as eyebrown movements, lip pursing, forehead wrinkles all face movements form expressions that compliment or counter the things we say.

Our eyes see and brain interprets what we see sometimes more completely and more quickly than what we here.
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