Its very important for businesses to choose the right router for the job.  Today companies need to identify their needs and insure that their routers are capable of working with all media forms from data, to voice and even video.

These days the number of ways employees might access the system has changed dramatically.  Instead of each employee having a single desktop wired into the network via an Ethernet cable, many office workers will run laptops that are docked at their desk and wireless while they are in meetings.  Plus, visitors may need wireless access, copiers, scanners, faxes and printers can achieve optimal results when connected, not to mention servers and VOIP systems.

Cisco Routers can provide the right Router for the job no matter what size a company or group might be or how their needs are evolving.  The chart below shows the progression from a small office or teleworker router up to much larger systems.

If your company is on a budget, it is possible to source these same great routers with deep discounts if you purchase a Used Cisco Routers.  Just as in the PC world these devices are often refurbished and tested to confirm their quality, which can give you a level of trust in the device that you can not always get off a device off the shelf.