Keck Futures Initiative Announces Grant Recipients; $1 Million Awarded for 14 Research Projects: “KAM LEONG and LINGCHONG YOU, Duke University, Durham, N.C.
Engineering ‘Microbial Swarmbots’ for Medical Applications – $75,000
These researchers will engineer microbial swarmbots as a platform technology for delivery of bioactive agents to combat infectious diseases. A microbial swarmbot is a small population of bacterial cells that are autonomously regulated by synthetic gene circuits and are encapsulated in microcapsules built from synthetic or natural polymers.”

Lingchong You’s research focuses on a strategy of promoting cell to cell communication. His goal is that he will be able to promote hte natural quorum communication potential in cell’s and combine this with “cell killing” traits. The purpose is to reduce variability such that the cells will perform as intended as a group.

Kam Leong came from John Hopkins to the Pratt School of Engineering to lead the nanomedicine initiative. Kam Leong has a long history in working with biodegradable polymers intended to deliver medicines or agents to targeted locations in a system.