I almost forgot. When I rebooted Softduit, I noticed that some of my Google Ads got a little weird.  I kept seeing ads for Fox News and Match.com showing up.

I’m not getting rid of advertising from the site, that’s how the site earns money.

But I am working very hard to get the non-relevant and slightly stupid ads removed from the site.  Since I go through Google as an aggregator for ads basically, I have little control over what shows up, but I can exclude ads, which I do regularly.


Plus, I have learned a great deal more this week about using a new feature in WordPress.  WordPress Templates are now enabling me to individually code or group a number of pages and that is going to help me both target the ads better and remove ads entirely from pages where they just don’t belong at all.

Hopefully that will get rid of the Fox News ads and tactical gear stuff on pages that talk about MindManager, Dragon Naturally Speaking or the business models around social media content creations.