Here is another one of my reflections while I’m on the road. As I write this, I’m heading down the road on Interstate 75, heading north from Atlanta to St. Louis. Right now I’m just outside of Chattanooga Tennessee, I’m driving a new Toyota branded Scion Xb. I’ve got my laptop setup on a portable desktop surface the type of desktop surface you probably see when your kids are bringing you breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

I’m driving down the road into the smoke of a vehicle fire coming from the opposite lane of traffic there is a fire or full flame burning fortunately it’s not on my side of the road. It looks like there’s a gentleman sitting alongside of the road and he doesn’t appear to be emergency personnel related so I’m hoping that he is actually the driver of the car and that he is safe and sound he didn’t look harmed in any way. Of course traffic is backed up now for miles behind this fire. Leading cars have to inch through because the flames are literally leaping across the right-hand lane of traffic.

When you’re on a road trip there are two things that you don’t want:
1. You do not want to be in an accident
2. You don’t want to have anyone that you know be hurt either
3. You also do not want to see or be apart of anything that might back traffic up for miles.

So anyway I’m driving down the road utilizing Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I’m definitely getting the hang of this road trip dictation. I learned how to navigate the file structures of Microsoft office with Dragon NaturallySpeaking finely. This is helping me avoid situations where I run out of the memory for particular dictation session, I can jump from one new document to the next saving them as I go.

Everything is nice, safe, and sound. I can use great big long file names so I know exactly where it is later on. I do not need to look at anything, and all in all, I’m falling right back in love with the software all over again, not that I ever really tell I love.

I’ve been driving for about two hours with a one-hour break for a business meeting outside of a Wendy’s, it was a phone conference. The entire road trip is supposed to take about nine in half hours so I have about 7 1/2 hours to go. That means I should be arriving at my destination at about 10 o’clock Eastern time or nine o’clock Central time.

This is a combination business/personal road trip. It’s majority business and partly personal, but that doesn’t mean I’m not and I have a little bit of fun.

My cousin Casey is getting married this weekend on Saturday and I’m going to be heading to her wedding tomorrow night. After that I’m heading to Illinois where I’m hoping to start recruiting paid interns. I’m going to show college students how to establish their own Internet businesses.

More specifically I will teach them how to be pro-bloggers and Internet marketers. When I was in college years ago, I took a paid internship for a student painting company. I was called a branch manager, but basically I went in and I set up a business. I worked as a painting contractor, I set up my own painting contracting company franchise built out from and supported by a greater organization known as Triple A student painters.

They taught me how to go out and estimate jobs, and close on house painting contracts. I then hired crews and trained them on how to paint a house. We’d go paint houses, house to house sometimes in the same neighborhood sometimes across three different counties. It was extremely valuable business experience and I learned a great deal from it.

One of the most important lessons I learned is how to say no to a job that’s just too small. Sometimes it’s just not worth the money to go do a job. In business, especially when you’re starting out, you want to take every bit of work that can come to you, but sometimes if you take a job that is to small you’ll lose money and that will cause you and your client problems.

In this endeavor I am hoping to provide a number of experiences that teach college students how to start and run their own business, I’m also hoping to help them use Pro blogging as a tool to identify what they’re passionate about and maybe that will help a few of them zero in on the major that really gets them going in the morning. A lot of times people choose majors by default and eventually just to complete college they find themselves a little bit trapped in a career that isn’t the best fit for them.

Working as a pro blogger, students can fully develop their perspective on what a topic requires and covers. If a person can write about a topic on a weekly basis for an extended period of time maybe even on a daily basis odds are they’re fairly passionate about it. That passion should be able to translate into a happy and successful career. If they get tired of the subject (this is known as blog fading in the blogosphere) they might drop that topic and find something new to tackle. That could save them and their parents thousands of dollars in tuition for a major that they may ultimately drop anyway.

With that in mind my target market for potential paid interns will be constituted primarily of college students in their freshman sophomore and junior years. I’m hoping to help the people that are still trying to make up their mind who they are, what they’re about, what’s important to them and what’s really interesting to them.

The great thing about Pro blogging is as they figure out that they can earn money building up their business skills in ways that are probably going to be as viable as some of the information they are learning in college.

I’m really looking forward to this trip and I’m really hoping to find some great new bloggers to enter the blogosphere utilizing their skills and knowledge that the rapidly acquiring in school.

With the skills and with the extra money they’ll are I’m hoping to help these college students find their voice and learn how to leverage that to get things done and achieve their goals. They might choose to spend the money and wise ways building up their business or they might even be frivolous and might spend my booze or I’ll call or they might do something practical like paying the rent or car payment, or maybe buying more education so that they can go to law school and become a New York personal injury lawyer. Regardless it’s their choice and they’ll learn from their decisions on how to spend their money just like to learn from a number of other experiences. I sure had my fair share of learning experiences at using money wisely and frittering so that money away.