Today, I reached 100 LinkedIn Connections.  That was a milestone for me.  I do not connect with people, just to connect with them on LinkedIn. 

If you know me, here’s the link to my LinkedIn Connection

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Some people will connect with anyone that makes the request on LinkedIn, but I work to make sure that I connect with people that I really know, have met, have worked with, worked for, partnered with etc.

I have definitely only scratched the service of the people that fit into that description for me, but not everyone uses linkedIn.

I didn’t really do a lot with it myself until about 70 days ago, when I started generating a lot of business through LinkedIn, and when I started successfully placing referrals through LinkedIn.  I then saw the giant amount of functional utility that this social network really provides. 

I might play around on Twitter or Facebook, but I get business done through LinkedIn.