A friend of mine recently pointed out a great little PDF printing tool.  The cool thing about this tool is that it includes a creative common license generator.  Basically as you’re going through the steps to print a document into a PDF format with this tool, you can opt for a creative Commons license to be inserted into the PDF document including a creative common license on the main page of the document as well.

This can tentatively outlined to people that receive your PDF mind map from MindManager Pro seven that you are the owner and creator of that mind map.  It then gives them the instructions and rules by which they can share that mind map without getting into trouble and still cite you properly.

I think this is a great idea as it allows for a safer and wider distribution of mind maps because people and companies that come across these my maps will know the rules by which they are able to hold those mind maps containing knowledge or information that they need.

Enough of my babble about the importance behind the concept.  Let me show you a few screen shots of how it works.


fantastic2 fantastic3







Free Download Location and Video Demo

Go to The Anything to PDF Converter site to see a video of this PDF converter in action and or get a free download.

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