While at CES last month I learned about a relatively growing service called Jangl.  Jangl provides a service using Caller-ID technology to help users protect their phone numbers.


The average person doesn’t want to share their phone number on the internet.

They may want to talk with people on the internet but do not want to risk their number.


Provide members a way to connect via telephone when they want to with complete control over calls without publicly providing or displaying their actual phone number.  Jangl disguises your phone number essentially


A user sets up a free account at Jangl.  Jangl will give them a disguised number that they can provide on line for someone else to call.  That person calls and leaves a short introduction message or sends a text message.  The Jangl user can then call back at their discretion.

With this almost double blind protection users can provide their Jangl ID on their web page or blog or even in their MySpace profile secure in the knowledge that their real phone number is safe!

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