Women can be big geeks just like men, but the world of marketing and engineering is just starting to catch up with a woman’s inner geek.  I have two daughters and I see the geeked out toys that young girls are raised with today, but I don’t see the geeked out gizmo’s showing up for women in their late twenties or beyond.

Maybe that is because the majority of women are under thirty, or so they say . . .

Case in Point

Women that wear makeup use Makeup Mirrors so that they can make little touch ups hear and there when ever a ladies room mirror isn’t available.

However, the technology has been around for sometime to create a Pocket Mirror with a built in Projector, its just been incorporated in a device from a male perspective.  With a little adaptation a woman could point their ‘pocket mirror camera’ at their face and have a resulting image projected onto a wall, they could even store their made up face as a photo and have it display side by side their live face as they attempt to get made up again.  That would even be useful in movie production where continuity is king.

You can bet that if nerdy men wore makeup (more) that this type of device would have been a hit at Fry’s a long time ago, but alas the lasses are still limited in their geeky shopping choices.

It’s way past time for an equality betweent the geekier sexes.