MindMeister – Brainstorm Mindmapping to Project Management – 10+ Yrs Freemium tool Doing Great!!

What is MindMeister?  What does it do?

I’ve been using this freemium Mindmapping tool for over ten years. I started as a free MindMeister beta user back in 2007. Somewhere along the way, I became a paying customer at a cost of about $5 per month.

I think I pay about $54 per year now these last few years after dropping MindManager, which I loved for years.

Getting Started with MindMeister – Tutorial Video

There’s a lot to love with MindMeister:

  • MindMeister is cloud based and works on pretty much all devices these days
  • Your maps can therefore be updated from anywhere
  • MindMeister is free to start (first few mindmaps)
  • Its inexpensive to bump up to the paid version at about $5 per month
  • It can be exported to many other great MindMapping software programs (the original reason I started using MindMeister … I used to use MindManager for everything. I needed a cloud version ten years back, and a way to export to MindManager which was the worldwide leader for mindmapping back then
  • You can do project management work inside the app directly, or…
  • They have a new separate but integrated Project Management system that reminds me a bit of Jira
  • It is fast and easy to mindmap in MindMeister even though it is online.

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Why should I use Mindmeister? Why should I mindmap anything?

Mindmapping with Mindmeister can be a great tool for the right jobs or situations.

MindMeister provides the ability to easily mindmap ideas on just about any device. MindMaps are sort of like visual outlines. The super useful thing about mindmaps is that they let you ‘see’ the context connecting ideas, topics, supporting topics and more.

This can be very useful in situations like:

MindMapping Meetings with MindMeister

You can mind map the discussion of a meeting. If you show the mindmap to the meeting group via a projector or via screenshare if its virtual, the people in the meeting can see the thoughts and conversation evolve. They can feel that their own comments are heard. They can confirm that their input has been heard correctly. This generates a lot of buy in and acceptance for the decisions that come out of the meeting, plus provides an excellent record of the meeting and how things evolved.

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Using MindMeister MindMaps for Education

Note taking via mindmaps is very handy. MindMeister makes it easy to add images, or hyperlinks or text comments and notes for reference.

Improve Memory and Recall and Get the Big Picture

People learn better when they can see how ideas are connected to each other. They recall and remember information better when the ideas are grouped together with colors and borders and outlines and more. MindMeister provides this capability inherently. It allows students to easily capture lectures and do so in a way that they can remember and recall the information more effectively later.

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Writing Blog articles or research papers starting in MindMeister

Great articles or papers often times come from great outlines. In the early stages of an article we often do not have a sense of where a kernel of an idea or topic might fit in the grand scheme of things. Visual mindmaps allow us to drag and drop information and expand on it, or move a section into another forming a sub topic branch or more. MindMeister can be a terrific way to capture the buds of ideas and later add to them and grow those ideas until eventually you have a solid outline for an article. Emily Dumas wrote a terrific article on the MindMeister blog titled 5 Reasons why ever blogger should use MindMeister.

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Brainstorming and Business Planning with MindMaps

For all of the reasons mentioned above and more, Mindmeister mindmaps can be an excellent tool for brainstorming and growing an idea, especially between more than one person. MindMeister since the earliest of days was built to be shared between users such that more than one person could contribute to a mindmap. This makes it so much easier to brain storm many different business planning topics whether you are trying to put together a pitch deck or do a SWOT analysis or more. Anyone can be quickly adde to a map, even if they do not already have a paid account.

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Project Management in MindMeister

Building on everything we have already stated about why mindmapping with MindMeister is helpful, it also makes it easy to turn an idea out of research or a meeting into a project and start tracking that project.

We can add start and end dates, priorities and all the common project management tools. MindMeister also has a newer Project Management add on that individual mindmap nodes can be quickly added to. So if you are working on a mindmap in a meeting and a single thing comes out of the meeting as a to do, we can add that to do to the project management tool and virtually connect that one thing in one mindmap to a larger task and project management tracking system.  This is a great way to connect individual tasks from many maps (as they come up) into one central tracking place for a team or even an individual to keep track of everything they need to complete and find the notes and resources and maps that held the big picture that led to the creation of that to do!

Lifehacker gave MindMeister an honorable mention in 2013 in their list of top 5 mindmapping tools then.

We feel they should have placed and probably would place today. They have come a long way, even as their competition has faltered a bit. 🙂 


A few MindMeister FAQs

Can I sign up with a Google or Facebook Account?

You can sign up with your Google (gmail or google business email) account.

MindMeister does not allow you to sign up via Facebook.

As an alternative, you can also simply use an email account to sign up.

What is the name of the Project management Add on for MindMeister?

It is called MeisterTask.

Can I share maps or work on them with others live?


Can I present with MindMeister?


Can I print Mindmaps with MindMeister?


How many users on my team can use it?

This sort of depends on which level of plan you use! Pro and Business plans have the most options. You can try one level of plan and change (via your subscription settings) to a different level of plan as needed.

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