Phil Zimmermann has released the Windows version of Zfone. Zfone is a VOIP encryption standard that secures VOIP phone calls at 256 bit AES cipher and a 3kb key exchange.

In light of recent relevations of the US Government monitoring phone records and listening into phone calls of American citizens, this software when used in conjunction with VOIP systems could provide businesses and users that extra level of security they need to insure they have privacy.

From another perspective if a major phone company has accessed your phone calls on behalf of the government or as part of a larger batch for the government, this tool can provide security from the people in that company and the people that illegaly get access to that information from within or outside the company. Or another way to put it is how safe is your information as its held by the government or the phone companies? When’s the last time you heard about the government or phone companies having their security breached through the internet or lost laptops?

You may trust the government, but do you trust the people that hack information away from the government?

Phil Zimmermann is no stranger to encryption, he is probably most famous for releasing PGP e-mail an email encryption program released in 1991 that spawned an entire business including PGP Desktop, which Maven Mapper’s wholeheartedly recommends.

Zfone was previously available for OS X and Linux and has recently been released for Windows in Beta.

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