I have returned from a very nice and happy holiday vacation and I am determined to get a number of items that I will soon consider as old business (2007) cleared up and cleaned up before I dive into the great opportunities available in 2008.

So this weekend, I am working to clean up as many of those loose ends as possible.

Among some of these, I am cleaning up a number of areas related to my finances, my computers, and many of my websites and subsidiary business holdings.  I’m even re-arranging my office, my shed and garage and body shop supplies from a past venture.

As I considered my New Years resolution, I realized that I almost never actually get to any of the things on the list until well into February.

There is always something going on to delay my start and so I am working on things now to clean them up and close the books so to say early (or at least earlier than normal!).


Once I get things cleaned up and organized, then I will have a fresh perspective to create my resolution and Achieve it.