I’ve never used the iphone nor the iphone 3G.  The reason, I don’t do business with at&t, and I don’t futz with unlocked phones.   My mobile phone karma just sucks too much for me to chance a jail broken phone on a non-standard network.  So today when I was reading this article in PC World about an in depth 2 week comparison of the iphone 3G vs the Palm Pre, I was curious.


People often ask me which is better, and I don’t have a clue because I avoid at&t like a Republican politician avoids remaining faithful with a spouse.

This review however, seemed to encapsulate all the things I do like and some of the dislikes I have for the Palm Pre.  In charting up these pros and cons a bit, you get a little cross section flavor of where the iPhone 3g is better or in some cases worse.

Here’s My Pros on the Palm Pre

  • Its not on at&t nor Verizon – That’s a big one, would have been better if on T-mobile and tmobile were 3g
  • At $200 after rebate, the price was right
  • It has a keyboard – that’s a big one
  • Its fast
  • It does email very very well
  • The camera is excellent – major point its fast and takes great pictures
  • It is small and fits in my pocket very comfortably – another big point
  • The MP3 Player sounds good (via earbuds)
  • Surfs the net both real and mobile well
  • Touch screen works great
  • I can type easily on the phone with one hand, and after 2 weeks almost without looking most of the time
  • Love the Facebook, LinkedIn, Pandora, Tweed(twitter client) apps, and the ability to easily use them at the same time pretty much

For me these particular Pros out weigh the following Cons, you might consider the merit of some of these items for yourself. and this is also one of the reasons why I liked that PC World article, it did a good job of putting this in context

Here’s my cons on the Palm Pre

  • The plug for the charging cord/ usb connection is a pain in the ass to open
  • There is no micro SD card slot – used to be very important when I had a treo, so far its a non-issue
  • The phone can’t record video – that’s a big point for me, but counting on a firmware upgrade or future ap upgrade
  • It really likes to sync with Gmail and Gmail Contacts – Gmail Contacts is a terribly clunky technology, to put it in my heritage midwest vernacular, Gmail Contacts is piss poor  – big thing, note the Android uses the same crap
  • The battery drains kind of fast – medium issue
  • Still looking for a good nerd holster – little thing
  • The power button is flaky – small thing, rarely turn it off
  • The re-awaken button is the power button and also flakey – a medium issue
  • The rebate mail in was a bit of a pain – Almost missed the deadline and lost $100
  • Doesn’t support Audible yet– for this one I blame both Palm and Audible.  Palm should have had this ready out of the box, but Audible’s format (drm stuff) is a pain too.  I’m now solving this problem by removing the DRM protection from my audio books, no chains for me please
    • Solution –> Convert Audible files to normal mp3 files using SoundTaxi Platinum cost $19.95 (they do offer a –> download link for exe file -> free trial download but it only converts the first 90 seconds, still it does prove that it works before you buy.
    • Note. I paid an additional $10 for the pro version to run more files at the same time.  After the fact, I’d just recommend the $20 version.
  • Palm Tech Support pretty much sucked when my first Palm Pre died
  • If you want to transfer your files through a music player, then you are stuck with itunes, which is one of Apple’s worst interfaces and products – you can however just transfer files to your Pre like its a hard drive