You bought your kids the Wii and paid $450, and talked to a friend that found a great deal on the Wii for $350.



It happens to all of us at some point or another, especially after Cyber Monday and Black Friday.  Not all of us are cut out to get up at 3am to get to a store that opens at 4 am so that we can swarm the aisles looking for the single Wii listed for $75 on the shelves somewhere in the store.  I just saw a news report and Ebay is selling the Wii on average for $411 about $100 over suggested retail price, but good luck winning that auction!


Most of us, hear about the great deals after its too late.

That’s why you will now find many more sites that do not actually sell products, but help you find the great deals that are ‘really’ out there.

Here’s is an example, its called and they provide information for where the latest tech deals are and what those deals look like.  They give information for both online and bricks and mortars stores from Best Buy to Tiger Direct and even some direct buys from the manufacturers themselves. 


Now the site is not a shopping cart system, so do not expect to see some ooh’s and ahhhhs type of layouts with web 2.0 buttons.  This site is designed to give you powerful knowledge to save a lot of money when you shop, without having to waste a lot of time on research.  So if you are looking for a discount computers, or a Wii or a GPS unit or whatever, you can search here, but the stuff isn’t the reason why you go here. 

The reason why you would use a pre-shopping service like is to allow them to scout out the deals for you.  Now, not all retailers give a flat discount off their prices to get you in the doors.  Some will give free shipping to your house, some will give free shipping to the closest store to your house and some will give a $40 rebate or some other incentive.

Using a pre-shopping scouting service like this you can look for the gizmo you want and then find the type of good feel, good deal that is right for you.

Plus, for those of you that are feed savvy, if you do not see the deal you are looking for today, you can sign up for alerts.  Then when say, Best Buy launches a sale in the middle of the week, or Tiger Direct gets a shipment of refurbished gadgets Thursday night, you can receive an email alert or a rss feed alert that the deal for the gadget you are hoping to buy is moving somewhere in some new way.