I was getting organized for some future tutorials with MindManager Pro 7 and I may have stumbled across a little bug.

It may be a program bug or it may be a bug in relation to a standard map template that MindManager ships with called the “Marketing Strategy” Template.

The bug basically seems to happen when you attempt to write over the title of the main topic, or update the text of the title of the main topic in any way. While you are doing it, the text is completely illegible. Its as if there’s a shadow of text behind the topic that is not getting corrected. I haven’t seen this on any other map yet. So I did a quick little screen video of the phenomena and

I’m going to check the consensus with the Yahoo! Group community for MindManager before I send it up to Mindjet. (still don’t have a Mindjet labs account yet – not sure where to send it so I’ll check with the community for consensus before I invest the time in tracking down the Mindjet submission process . . .)