This week I am reviewing an issue that I noticed with MindManager Pro 7.  It specifically relates to the export of a map into a PowerPoint Presentation.

I’m still trying to document the situation, but wanted to take an initial attempt to describe the issue.

When I have a topic with say 3 sub topics below it and one of those sub topics is just an image, the image will not export to PowerPoint with the other sub topics.

Instead, I must select on that single topic with the image and click the link to add a new slide, just for that image.

Also, I cannot have any text included with the image on any topic, if I want the text to export to Powerpoint.

I have noticed that MindManager seems to work fine, when its generating a mindmap image, but not when its exporting an image.

I first noticed this when I was working on a client web site that specializes in drug rehab, but couldn’t quite put my finger on the problem as I thought it was just a fluke on a presentation with just a single picture.  Today, when I was working on a separate presentation for a different customer with a dozen or so images in the mindmap, I noticed that the problem happened consistently.

As I mentioned, I’m still working to identify the parameters of the issue, and I’m hoping to capture it on video.