This week PayPerPost launched a new affiliate program to promote its services.

Here is how it works:

  1. A blogger already enrolled in PayPerPost, includes a button in any article (related to PayPerPost or not).
  2. see live example.
  3. Then when any other blogger visits their blog, they can click the button to review the article in question.
  4. They perform a review by writing an article in their own blog and linking to the original article.
  5. If they sign up for PayPerPost, then PayPerPost will Pay them $7.50 for reviewing the post, and
  6. PayPerPost will pay you $7.50 when they get paid for referring them.

So if you have a blog and you click on the button above and you meet the acceptance requirements for PayPerPost, you can then write an article reviewing this blog article. You will get paid 30 days after you publish that article and so will I! We will both receive $7.50.

The beauty of this affiliate program is partly the money, but it is more impressive for the viral nature of the enticement. It encourages new participants to review articles of other existing participants. This builds links and relationships for everyone involved, which improves the quality of the publishers working in the system. More links yields higher page rank and search engine rankings.

That means that everyone in the ad network ecosystem can benefit from the growing strength of the blog. Advertisers that previously purchased advertisements get a bigger bang for their buck as the page rank goes up. Bloggers earn more from having a higher PR, and PayPerPost gathers more writers and its existing writers grow and can charge premium rates.

Its an excellent concept and a very good execution of that concept.

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