Payperpost recently announced that they have initiated a new program that allows advertisers to go directly to bloggers and solicit sponsored articles. PayPerPost is essentially emulating a line of business that already exists with several payperpost competitors such as Reviewme and Sponsoredreviews, even Blogitive has a mechanism now that enables a more direct approach between advertisers and bloggers.

This new line of business is not a replacement of the old Payperpost line of business and it shouldn’t be viewed as such.

There are times when advertisers needed and want to selectively pick individual blogs or bloggers to cover an article or a website or a product with a sponsored review. There are also times when advertisers do not want to waste the time hunting through individual websites looking for just the right match.

There’s two ways to build buzz.

  1. The first way is to utilize a shotgun approach and blast out a sponsored review request across multiple categories of blogs. This opens up things to all comers and you don’t always get exactly what you looking for in the final blog. However you don’t have to spend much time organizing the campaign and you do get immediate benefits and page rank and in traffic.  Plus, the results are almost immediate as the first bloggers available typically pick up these requests and write them. 
  2. The second way is to go selectively find those exact blogs that contain either the readers or the writing perspective that you looking for. You can then choose like an ala carte menu each blog that you would like to solicit to write a sponsored review. This is excellent if you have a very tight niche and you want to focus only on that niche and you don’t want to stray from the path. This does take more time to find the blogs and more times for the bloggers to complete the articles as they may not be ready to write when you first place an order. However you will stand a better chance of reaching the ears and eyes of specific consumers that you’re hoping to attract or impress.

Payperpost definitely offers a discounted opportunity to reach bloggers utilizing their tools. Their rates are some of the lowest in the industry and with this new direct model probably the lowest in the industry outside of individual contractors in the SEO field. Payperpost basically only takes 5% on the transaction for a direct purchase, that means when you purchase a campaign to payperpost direct the lion share of the fund your pain are going to bloggers that are writing your sponsored review.

It’s a very efficient model and payperpost is definitely benefiting from their large economy of scale. Regardless this is a separate line of business and will probably not reach the level of success but payperpost has attained when they allow advertisers to reach out in a shotgun fashion across multiple categories. That is still the fastest way to generate buzz rapidly and benefits through search engine optimization results.

Together both of these lines of business will help make payperpost stronger.