I have recently asked a number of bloggers to consider how they would use Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 and how it might impact their lives.  I’d like to share with you some of the responses from parents that stuck out to me.  I was specifically seeking unique comments and insights.  Overall, almost everyone was very impressed with the benefits that DNS10 can provide as it enables people to type at 150 words per minute.  They were impressed with the accuracy and much more.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred

Dragon NaturallySpeaking types the words that you speak and it does it 3 times faster than you can type! The accuracy rate is 99%! The special headphones keep background noises from  being an issue! This would be a must at my house, between the dog barking, little one always yelling "Mama" and the work they are doing on the house next door, it can be pretty loud in my  office. – It is nap time: Let your voice do the typing…

But I wanted to know how it might directly impact their lives, how they could use the tool.  I did not want to hear marketing messages resonating in their brains, but what it was that would actually be used in the field so to speak.  J  In general, I received two areas of feedback. 

The first area highlighted the fact that Dragon Naturally Speaking can filter out other noises including barking dogs and screaming children and pick up the words that you say.  This is more of a function of the noise cancellation headphones I believe, but has something to do with the programs ability to then listen to the words you are saying and ignore any other sounds that might make it throught he microphone itself.

Mothers using Dragon

"It will only recognize my voice and not the cry of my baby." – How to be a better blogger? read this

Here is what I love the most about this product: the background noise doesn’t affect the program! As a mother, that is awesome news because I usually have noise all around me most of the day. Three kids and a dog can be a loud  combination! – Dragon Naturally Speaking

Fathers using Dragon

So they like to sit on Daddy’s lap and watch him work, which makes it difficult to type, because my arms aren’t that long.

And because they help me type and it comes out like this:reklmef09ruew .

Plus, I’m not exactly the fastest typist in the world. I do okay, but I think a lot faster than I type, and I talk a lot faster than I type. I was therefore very interested in Dragon Naturally Speaking  10 Preferred, a computer program that automatically transcribes what you say and puts it onto the screen. – The Best of Everything: With this program, I can avoid this: reklmef09ruew

The second area then focused on parents that thought that they could use the tool to multi-task while doing household chores.  I personally, like to listen to audiobooks when I’m doing the dishes or laundry or even mowing the yard.  Many of the bloggers that I received feedback from indicate they would like to write and type while they did these chores.  Plus a few even thought that Dragon would be great for capturing recipes while they cooked, noting down all those simple meal customizations that you never quite have time to write while you are cooking or those healthy cooking tips you think of as you perform substitutions.

"I can dictate my post and do laundry at the same time. Now we all know that folding clothes takes the longest time and it is impossible to do it along with blogging. With this software, my problem is solved." – Clean and Blog by Using Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred

I could certainly use this one! Just to think about being able to clean the kitchen, do laundry and blogging at the same time makes me want to get this software right now at this very moment.  I could just set my laptop close by, use a bluetooth microphone and bingo! As an added benefit, Dragon Naturally Speaking would free me from all the body aches and pains that come  along with sitting and "computering". – Live Laugh Love: Dragon Work and Health Benefits

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