Palm has brought the Treo 700p to market and will be offering the phone through Sprint and Verizon Wireless. Each carrier has yet to announce their respective pricing points or plans for this phone.

The phone functions on networks using EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized), which allows it to operate with on the cellular networks at broadband like speeds.

This is Palm’s first Treo with the Palm OS to become available on a smartphone for EVDO networks. The Treo 700W came out last fall featuring a Microsoft OS.

The PDA market has slipped in recent years overtaken by Smartphones and wireless laptops. This device capitalizes on Palm’s dedicated Palm OS user base. Not so long ago, Palm PDA’s held a 70-80% market share in PDA’s due to the flexibility of the OS and the plethora of cheap software titles that functioned on this OS. This new phone will be targeted towards the users still on this OS using these tools.

Among other things this new phone will be able to receive emails much faster and support the download of large attachments via email. The network allows for streaming of multimedia and the Treo 700p will ship with a streaming media application allowing users to watch live TV(see picture left screen shot of video), movie clips and audio from radio stations. For the corporate buyers it could even be used to run training videos and corporate communications.

One of the exceptional capabilities of the 700p verses the 700w is its built in ability to allow Dial-up Networking via the phone. [Of course someone has spelled out a useless acronym for Dial-up networking, which is DUN, but we can all rapidly forget that one!)

Basically DU . . . – Dial-up Networking will allow users to connect their laptops or other devices to the internet via there Treo 700p. Both Sprint, which purchased Nextel, and Verizon Wireless cater to users that need to be able to access the high speed internet from anywhere, whether the user is a Wall Street Broker, a DC lobbyist or a truck driver checking a load board for freight. (BJ and the Bear just got Broadband!)

Other great new features include:

  • 1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder -[4 x resolution of a VGA camera]
  • Photo & video album Organization software
  • Slideshow tool that allows music and audio captions and transitions to be added to pictures and video
  • NormSoft’s Pocket Tunes for MP3 files (plays anything from Microsoft’s PlaysForSure – Janus DRM technology – Screen shot right)
  • Out of box support for Yahoo!, AOL & Gmail
  • PDF Support w/ DataViz Documents to Go V8.0
  • Palm OS 5.4.9
  • Memory – 128mb total built in (68 supporting product as is, 60mb available for user)
  • SD memory Cards will support up to 2GB of storage

For Treo enthusiasts on the Verizon or Sprint networks this is going to be a must have upgrade. For users on other networks, it may be one to wait for or it may be worth considering a move over to Verizon. While Sprint may be tempting, this reviewer is still receiving too many negative reports from current Sprint customers (former Nextel customers and regular Sprint customers.) Sprint may have an EVDO capable network, but they still seem to be struggling to overcome many fundamental issues.