Palm Pre offers a one time Outlook synchronization with your Palm Pre.  The process to use this one time service, sucks.  I say this not because I have used the service myself, but because I can’t use the service myself.  🙁


Somewhere between receiving the email, jerking around (its slang but the best description) with Gmail contact sync which is possibly the worst contact management system in the world, and then dealing with a new Palm Pre that died after 2 days, I lost the email from Palm that had the magic link that allows you to sync up your Palm Pre to Outlook, once.

There does not appear to be anyway to get that link back again, even though I never used it.  I feel like I have been ripped off a little bit frankly.  I paid $300 + for the Palm and I can’t even get my free ride through Outlook land with it.

There is a service that you can pay for outside of Palm from Chapura, but frankly, I want my freebie(expensive as that was).  Palm’s absolute disregard for customers on this particular area is frankly amazing.  The phone is excellent, can’t say enough good things about it, but with all of the amazing brain talent that went into perfecting this 3G phone, you’d think someone would have been able to call out the turkey that made the three biggest mistakes in the Palm Pre

  1. Lack of Outlook sync capability
  2. Flaky 1 time sync with outlook which seems to have self destructed (almost literally) in my case
  3. Forcing people to use the crappy Gmail contact sync, seriously Google should pay people to be forced to use this!
    1. Note the facebook integration kicks butt

There’s that old office joke, its hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.  In this case, it seems like the eagles on this project were all tied to a big fat turkey on the ground that was staked to some weird anti outlook dogma.