I am very excited as I anticipate the launch of Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 from Nuance. I have been using version 9 since January of 2007, and I’m ready to see some new bells and whistles.

The new version is rumored to have a great deal more support for Blue Tooth devices and applications. I have not heard or seen any notes or rumors yet on increases in speed or accuracy.

I do not have a blue tooth connection on my own laptop yet, so for me to use that I’d have to pick up some USB blue tooth adapter probably. That said, I think I would really appreciate having the ability to use a wireless headset or microphone with Dragon Naturally Speaking. I like to pace just a bit when I’m thinking and composing and this could be a real boom to my work. Not to mention this could be useful for people that want to send off a few emails while working out on a tread mill or elliptical machine or something. All you need is a screen at a distance with the zoom set large enough to read from a distance.

These days with projectors and large flat panel monitors that is becoming easier and easier to set up all the time!

Sounds crazy, but I’ve tried it before and run into a few tangles (in the cord) so a wireless version might be kind of nice.  Who knows maybe by version 20, the program will be so good that it will be able to transcribe an infants ‘goos’ and ‘gas’ with microphones sewn in the crib bedding so that new parents can receive a text message letting them know that their little one is hungry or needs some fresh air.  Its not always easy to see where new technologies will take us, but it seems practical to always leave conceptual options open.