image Nuance is working on a pretty successful year from a launch and press perspective.  They came into the year strong after riding 2007 with Dragon Naturally Speaking 9, the best voice recognition software for personal computers to ever hit the market. 

It enabled me to type at 150 words per minute!

Then in January, Apple dropped their own voice recognition software and picked up the Dragon Naturally Speaking Engine to run in iDictate.

Now, they are bringing to market a Voicemail to Text Service.  This is actually a slightly common business model in voice recognition today, but it does enable Nuance to leverage their own technology directly as opposed to sub licensing their technology through other Vendors.

How does the Nuance Voicemail to Text Speech recognition Process Work?

  1. Someone calls your Voice mail and leaves a message
    1. “Jim, this is your Doctor, we have the results of your drug treatment and we need to make an adjustment in your prescription.  Please call us at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment.”
  2. Your voice mail is then run through the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition engine
    1. Now that has about a 99% accuracy rate, but that rate applies to recognized voices.
    2. So Nuance combines their automated technology with human processes
  3. The transcription then goes to a human for quality control and checking.
    1. This is very similar to a process that the Postal Service in the United States employed for about 15 years to transition away from human data entry people to software that was capable of 100% accurate handwriting recognition.  I worked with that project during the middle 5 years of the project and we saw a 50% reduction in mistakes by the software every year.
  4. You then receive an email, SMS or other notification that you have a voice mail and you can read the text version or access the audio version in the format and medium of your choice.
    1. This also enables you to keep excellent copies of your voice mail in a transcribe manner that is excellent for companies that are required to document all customer contacts and requests.

Converting voicemail to text is a powerful and simple concept. But implementing a highly scalable semi-automated service is far more complex and requires highly accurate speech recognition – technology that takes decades to develop,” said Steve Chambers, president, mobile and consumer services division, Nuance. “The Nuance Voicemail to Text Service integrates speech technology with over 3,000 Nuance transcriptionists, hosted in a Nuance-owned facility, with proven security, scalability, and reliability.”

Nuance Mobile Launches Voicemail to Text; New Service Converts Voicemail to Readable Messages