Your the number one cell phone maker in the world. Your closest competition, the former number one cell phone maker in the world, has been having a mostly great season with a serious hit product on their hands.

What do you do? Go on the offense.

That’s exactly what Nokia has anounced.

“Nokia plans to open a ‘flagship store’ in Chicago on June 21, with a New York store in the ‘Fifth Avenue region’ opening before the end of 2006,” according to David Watkins the Nokia Director of Multimedia Computers.

Motorola’s headquarters in Libertyville, IL are just a few miles outside of Chicago in the burbs. Chicago is the stomping ground of Motorola and has been for three quarters of a century. Sure Nokia phones have been sold in Chicago just like every major American city, but Chicago is not necessarily a strategic move unless you want to send your competition a message, like ‘We’re number one world wide and we’re coming to own your hometown next!’

With the anouncement Nokia also anounced that they will offer their ultra high end N93 Camcorder Phone, which will retail for approximately $682. The phone offers camcorder recording at 30 frames per second, 3.2 mega pixel stills, wifi, email etc, etc. It looks more like a camcorder than a cell phone does these days, however Nokia has had some success at selling ultra high end phones that are shaped like a brick, especially in their European stomping ground.

The question shall be, will Motorola be able to fight off this offensive round, or will Nokia own the windy city?

Nokia To Open Store and Bring High-End Phones to US