I mentioned yesterday that I just could not wait to get home and install the new MindManager 7.  I was expecting the CD to have shipped out on the launch date, May 30.  I was traveling that week and just returned home last night. 

So I expected that the CD would probably make it my way in a couple days via snail mail.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.  πŸ™

I did receive a great MindManager 7 t-shirt, which I really like but it doesn’t quite deliver that same amount of productivity that the actual software provides.  Sure I feel pretty comfortable today as I sit at my desk in the MindManager T-shirt, but it would be oh so much better to be test driving the new software.

What about the MindManager 7 Beta?

Some of you may point out that the beta has been available for a long time.  Well for whatever reason, my password for Mindjet labs went bad about 18 months ago, and I have never been able to find someone at Mindjet to fix it. 

So I wasn’t notified about the beta test last fall.  In fact I didn’t know about MM7 until about 45 days ago.  I received the recommendation from Mindjet to sign up for the beta then, which I did right away.  Unfortunately, I have never heard from Mindjet on the beta either.

No Mindjet labs, no MindManager 7 Beta, No MindManager 7.

I guess that’s three strikes and I’m out!

Still Glad to have the consolation prize t-shirt. 

You can never have enough t-shirts when you work from a home office!  πŸ™‚