Microsoft announced today that they are going to at least double shipments of Xbox 360’s. They have ramped up another manufacturing partners, Celestica. They have made comments that they are going to take advantage of the mistakes currently being made by Sony as the PS3 encounters delay after delay.

Sony is a massive corporation, even by Microsoft standards, however Bill Gates cut his teeth going face to face with big companies such as IBM. If Sony continues to fumble, they may start to see their margin’s chip away despite the sizable advantages that they have with a plethora of gaming titles. They can only hide behind their games for so long, because Microsoft is playing an even greater video game, called Attack the Void. Bill Gates only needs to fill up the void in the market with Xbox stacked upon Xbox. Its not to hard to envision him momentarily taking a break from the other 50 large projects his company is “focused” on and take a break to play the Microsoft version of Tetris with little Xbox’s dropping from the sky.

Microsoft to double Xbox 360 shipments this week – Yahoo! News
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