Farnoosh Brock (@prolificliving) and I (@brettbum) discuss New Media Expo after the show. We talk about the great things we saw, the areas that need improvement and how to get some useful things done after the show. (added Jan 16, 2013)

This is a follow up to our pre-show tips on Maximizing Your New Media Expo experience.

Some of the Excellent Presentations from NMX that I have personally seen, watched or listened to (and worth checking out on NMXU)

  • Bill Belew’s – 4 Concrete Steps to Get 1,000,000 Relevant Unique Visitors to Your Blog
  • Jonathan Shank – How To Use A Virtual Assistant To Produce Your Podcast
  • Chris Ducker – 45 Things New Media Content Creators Can Outsource to Virtual Assistants to Help Grow Their Business
  • Dino Dogan – Insane Loyalty: How To Get people Fanatically Addicted To You

These sessions are good enough that they probably justify the cost of the NMXU membership all by themselves.  I’m still getting to the rest!

Original New Media Expo 2013 Article
I’m flying back from New Media Expo in Las Vegas tonight.

This was the eighth or ninth one of these for me not counting the Podcast expos that merged with Blogworld way back when. Something new happened this time around though. New Media Expo didn’t end this time!

For a few years the show has offered a virtual ticket, but this year they have expanded out into a virtual online university, New Media eXpo University or NMXU.

Sign up for a Free membership at New Media Expo University and enjoy 12 Days of Giveaways!There are two levels of access to NMXU:

  1. Free access
  2. Paid access

There are three full length ebooks available: Daniel M. Clark’s ‘The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster And Alison Boyer’s’ books The Ultimate Guide to Blog and Podcast Sponsorship The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Blog, Podcast, or Videos with Pinterest There are currently 16 past sessions available for free (I expect this number to grow following the recent show. Just a matter of a few weeks before more shows are produced. Some will be available only for paid members and some will be for all.)

The bonus material includes another half dozen or more interviews from people from the show, plus Training from Bob Dunn and Andy Hayes. Paid members (aka Virtual Ticket purchasers or Full Access pass holders also get early access to new ebooks and the big prize access to 300 videos of past sessions from more than 100+ speakers. This year’s New Media Expo (by my count) generated 118 sessions so far.  Of those, 1 week after the show, 40 sessions are ready to be downloaded.  (see Below)


List of all New Media Expo Sessions available for Download (almost all available in video, mp3 coming soon)

Track Title Speaker(s)
Blogging 25 Ways to be more Re-Pinnable – Engaging Content & the Power of Pinterest Debba Haupert
Blogging 4 Concrete Steps to Get 1,000,000 Relevant Unique Visitors to Your Blog Bill Belew
Blogging Community Building Lessons from a Professional Twitter Party Host Amy Lupold Bair
Blogging How To Actually Grow A BIG Brand And Community With Just A Simple Blog Patrice Yursik
Blogging How To Add Photography Into Your Marketing Mix C.C. Chapman
Blogging How To Build Your Blog Community: Three Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets Panel
Blogging How To Compete Against Billion Dollar Media Empires And Win Engagement And Traffic Gary Arndt
Blogging How To Tie Google Plus And Your Blog Together For Increased Exposure In the Search Engines And More Traffic Amanda Blain
Blogging Infographics 101 John Meyer
Blogging Insane Loyalty: How To Get people Fanatically Addicted To You Dino Dogan
Blogging Journalism 101 For Bloggers Schwartz, Perlmutter
Blogging Let’s Make This Long-Term: Combining SEO + Community to Create The Perfect Marriage Jennifer Lopez
Blogging Link Parties, Blog Hops And Other Little-Known Techniques To Grow And Promote Your Blog Panel
Blogging Road map to storytelling: Writing that turns visitors into loyal readers Spud Hilton
Blogging The Anatomy of a 100,000 Visitor Post: A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Viral Posts That Get Massive Traffic And Shares Jon Morrow
Blogging The Art of Becoming a Leader In Your Niche Reinhold, Kerekes, Londre
Blogging The Future of SEO – Social Meets Content Rand Fishkin
Blogging Three Very Unique Ways To Build A Massive Community Jeramiah Giehl
Blogging Walk The Talk: Learn To Write For A Global Audience Vernon, Montagnon, Heuer
Blogging Youtility: Why Smart Companies Focus on Helping, Not Selling Jay Baer
BusinessNext 7 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Building Your Business Stephanie Sammons
BusinessNext A Case Study for Maximizing Influencer Outreach (or: Glasses, A Love Story) Tamsen Webster
BusinessNext A Look Into The Future Of Influence Marketing Panel
BusinessNext All About Them Bruce Terkel
BusinessNext Become the Positively Unforgettable Face of Your Firm Kare Anderson
BusinessNext Brand Journalist — Creating Great Content For Companies Without Selling Your Soul Tom Gerace
BusinessNext CEO Lessons: How To Build A Large, Loyal Following Of Brand Advocates Tarkoff, Crandell
BusinessNext Community 2.0 Matthew Michelsen
BusinessNext Creating An Effective Social Mobile Experience Blackberry
BusinessNext Dear CEO: There’s No Excuse For Not Using Social Media Scott Abel
BusinessNext Digital Marketing: These Brands Get It – These Brands Don’t Panel
BusinessNext Driving Social Business Results At Scale Panel
BusinessNext Econovation Steve Faktor
BusinessNext How To Become An Effective Social Business Jon Ferrara
BusinessNext How to Get Started with Facebook Ads: 3 Easy Ad Strategies to Attract Quality Traffic, Grow Your Leads & Increase Profits Amy Porterfield
BusinessNext Icons and Influencers Joel, Scoble, Clark
BusinessNext Innovate Your Life Amy Jo Martin
BusinessNext It’s A Mobile And Social World – How To Succeed In It Dhillon, Levy, Faktor
BusinessNext Let’s Get Personal: How to Change Your Marketing Approach and Get Noticed Natasa Djukanovic
BusinessNext Leveraging Blogging for Social Impact Koh, Post
BusinessNext Link Building: The Best Marketing Strategy You’ve Never Heard Of Alison Groves
BusinessNext Mobile Marketing: Academic Of The Year Lin Humphrey
BusinessNext Paid To Think David Goldsmith
BusinessNext Personal Branding: How Little Companies Can Do Big Things Ramon Ray
BusinessNext Social Influence: Why Brands Care Panel
BusinessNext Social Lessons From The 2012 Elections Tom Webster
BusinessNext Social Media and the Law: Emerging Legal Issues and Obligations Panel
BusinessNext Social User Experience Yaacov Cohen
BusinessNext The Art Of Mobile Business Panel
BusinessNext The Digital Divide – Why Brand’s Don’t Get It Panel
BusinessNext The Future Of Twitter And Where They Should Be Headed Nour-Omid, Min, Fidelman
BusinessNext The New Influencers: Brand Advocacy Inside & Out Ridings, Brito
BusinessNext The Scoop on Content Marketing Handley, Terpin
BusinessNext Using Social Data: Metrics That Matter Hagel, Openshaw, Anderson
BusinessNext War of Words: Myth-Busting Social, SEO & Content Lee Odden
BusinessNext What The Next Generation of Social Networks and Communities Looks Like Winklevoss, Winklevoss, Upbin
BusinessNext What’s Next With Social, Mobile, and The Cloud Afshar, Scoble, Krigsman
Commerce 45 Things New Media Content Creators Can Outsource to Virtual Assistants to Help Grow Their Business Chris Ducker
Commerce 7 Ways to Find, Sign and Profit from Sponsors for your Brand Lou Mongello
Commerce Blog Monetization Overview: What Are Your Options To Make Money With A Blog? David Risley
Commerce Blog Wars: The Changing Legal Landscape For Bloggers Bennet Kelley
Commerce Defining and Maximizing Conversions through Better Usability Peter VanRysdam
Commerce How Much Can I Sell My Blog For? David Gass
Commerce Media Money: 5 Action Plans for Profiting from Your Blog, Podcast or WebTV Show Jason Van Orden
Commerce Proven Methods to Use Free in Your Business to Get More Traffic, More Subscribers and More Customers Pat Flynn
Commerce The 7 Deadly Sins of List Building Phil Hollows
MilBlogging Militaryville – The Audience You Didn’t Know You Could Have Panel
MilBlogging New Media’s Effect on Military Benefit Policy and Legislation Howell, Philpott
MilBlogging The New Military Blogger Panel
Podcasting Audio Podcasting: Doing It All From Your iPad Rob Walch
Podcasting Entrepreneur On Fire: An Idea, A Plan, Execution John Dumas
Podcasting How I Went From Hating My Voice to Recording Three Shows a Week Andy Inahtko
Podcasting How to Create Amazing Interviews for your Podcast Jaime Tardy
Podcasting How To Create New Content & Think Outside The Box When Podcasting Craig Duswalt
Podcasting How To Effectively Communicate To A Global Audience Panel
Podcasting How To Market Your Podcast & Grow Your Audience! Cliff Ravenscraft
Podcasting How To Podcast Like A Pro And Never Edit – Say Goodbye To Post Production! Leslie Samuel
Podcasting How To Use A Virtual Assistant To Produce Your Podcast Jonathan Shank
Podcasting Learn about the largest and fastest growing “Must Be On” distribution platforms in 2013 Greenlee, Walch, Mandato
Podcasting Syndication: More than just RSS Chuck Wood
Podcasting Ten legal cases every podcaster, blogger or media producer should know about Gordon Firemark
Podcasting The Art of Podcast Storytelling Scott Sigler
Podcasting The Benefits of Being The First To Podcast Within Your Niche! Cesar Abeid
Podcasting The Top Reasons Why Bloggers Should Launch A Podcast! Panel
Podcasting Tips and Techniques for Building a Successful Fan Podcast Darnell, Cabassi
Podcasting Tone and Emotion: The keys to compelling podcast fiction narration! Chambliss, Latham
Podcasting Using Comedy to Humanize Characters and Hook Listeners in Audio Fiction Panel
Podcasting Video Podcasting – What You Need To Know To Get Started Perry Lawrence
Tools Advanced Blog Design: The Latest Tools, Trends & Best Practices You Can Implement Today! Mitch Canter
Tools Going Viral on the Social Web Greg Galant
Tools How I Can Hack Your WordPress Site In Less Than 5 Minutes And What You Can Do To Prevent It Dre Armeda
Tools How to Laser-focus Your WordPress Blog in 60 Minutes Bob Dunn
Tools Improve Your Blog With Tools Your Web Host Already Gives You: Engagement And Traffic Peter Pollack
Tools Productivity Power Panel: Learn the Tools, Tactics, & Workflows of Highly Productive Bloggers Jarrow, Widrich, Vardy
Web TV & Video A Digital Agent Walks Into A Panel… Payne, Tochterman, Kuhn
Web TV & Video Acting Up! How to Do Your Best Work for Any Screen — Advice from Award-Winning and Nominated Web Series Actors Thompson, Gianzero, Bozarth
Web TV & Video Directing Your Way Out Of A Paper Bag: Advice From Award-Winning and Nominated Web Series Directors Panel
Web TV & Video In Search Of Super Fans Panel
Web TV & Video Indie vs. Studio: What’s The Latest As Web Series Go Mainstream Panel
Web TV & Video Is There An App For That? How Can Apps Help My Web Series? Panel
Web TV & Video It’s aLive! Livestreaming Tactics for Success Panel
Web TV & Video Legal Ease – What You Should Know To Stay On The Right Side Of The Law Panel
Web TV & Video Music To My Ears – How To Get The Right Music For Your Web Series Panel
Web TV & Video Niche content: Create programing you love that can make money Todd Roy
Web TV & Video Pitching Your Web Series Panel
Web TV & Video Produce Like a Champ: Advice from Award-Winning and Nominated Web Series Producers Panel
Web TV & Video Ready, Set, Shoot — A Beginner’s Guide Panel
Web TV & Video Show Me The Money! Ways To Monetize Your Web Series Panel
Web TV & Video Social Media and Web Series — Shouldn’t They Get Married Already? Panel
Web TV & Video Union Eyes – Why, When And How To Work With The Guilds Panel
Web TV & Video Where Is All Of This Headed? The Future Of Digital Entertianment Louderback, Kontonis, Krause
Web TV & Video Write Now! Advice from Award-Winning and Nominated Web Series Writers Panel
Web TV & Video You Too Can Build a Successful YouTube Channel Abbey, Francesca
Workshops Got Video? How To Get On-Camera Ready Monica McCarthy
Workshops Live Website Critiques: When You’re Too Close, You Can’t See It Andy Hayes
Workshops Publishing 101 For Bloggers Gerstein, Knox
Workshops Quick And Dirty Video Production Workshop For Your First YouTube Video Dave Taylor
Workshops You’re a Better Photographer Than You Realize: Photography Tips for New Media Aaron Hockley

From my experience so far, downloads of New Media Expo sessions are in video form only, mp4. They range in size from 111 mb to 145 mb per file.

NMX Download Tip

  1. Copy the session title name,
  2. then right click on the download link,
  3. select save as,
  4. rename the file name by adding via paste,
  5. the file name of the session that way you’ll be able to easily find sessions on your hard drive.

Personally, I like to sync these sessions into my ipad and watch them when I have spare time, then delete them from my ipad after I’ve seen one.