If you have worked with the new Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 custom vocabulary beta trial, there is a new update available for your software. 

You may have seen a slight error creep into DNS 9 after utilizing the program that tracks your speech for about 40 hours and then sends a database to Nuance where they create a custom vocabulary for you.  The error takes place when you are trying to make corrections.  I have seen issues where only parts of words are selected such as the last four letters plus the trailing space on a five letter word.

I believe this is the error that the new update will correct.  The old error could be manually corrected by restarting DNS9.

You should be able to get this update the next time you completely restart your machine and start DNS9 or when you simply completely close out DNS9 (even out of the start bar task bar) and restart DNS9.

Its about a 17mb download and install and doesn’t take very long.  Easier than loosing weight eating hoodia roots from Africa.