Companies that want to manage successful marketing campaigns utilizing Google Adwords need to look carefully for companies that have successfully become an Adwords Qualified company.

It takes a substantial amount of experience, training, testing and tools to become a receive this designation, and working with a company that provides the know how to drive not only internet traffic but the right traffic to the right page and convert that traffic to perform the right action, whether its signing up for a service, reading the news, subscribing or participating in a forum discussion.  Making any of these things happen consistently takes experience and rock solid business intelligence and analytic capabilities to manage and orchestrate the Adwords campaign.

Absent these abilities a company can rapidly rack up an advertising bill that may bring eyeballs to their website, but if those people rapidly click away and leave then the program may not have performed the right function and the company is out the fees for the Pay Per Click Campaign.

Search Engine Marketing is not something to be ignored.  The days of people turning to the want ads or yellow pages are long gone.  Most people may develop brand awareness through many avenues, but when its time for them to act and find something, they often turn first to Google.  A quick Google search returns them the top ten list that will likely include what they are looking for.  A company that does not have the experience to get their company website into that top ten list or better get to that number one spot is going to lose a lot of business to their competitors that have engaged in successful Search Engine Marketing(SEM).

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