I have run out of patience with Outlook.  I have been using Outlook since about 1998 after being forced to convert from Eudora 3.0 or something.  I have been up and down and bugged out and torn and twisted and crashed and terrorized by flaky pst files for years.

I think enough is probably enough!

I have had it up to my eyeballs with problems relating to syncing up portable devices and even simple things like adding contacts in the right folder.

But the biggest reason is probably the spam.  Outlook just does not handle spam well at all.  Working on the web I get lots of spam as my email address gets circulated.  The spam manages to sneak through 2-3 levels of filters and still manages to slow Outlook down as it ‘filters’ a hundred spam messages a day.  It makes me want to try Thunderbird, and I am not referring to the wine!

I am referring to the Mozilla Thunderbird email program.  Thunderbird 1.5 comes as a free download.  It offers full featured email and solid junk email filters.  It also has anti-phishing protection.

That all sounds like a lot of blather, but here is the main thing.  I love and trust FireFox and Thunderbird is made by the same people.  So that is a big selling point.

The other thing is that like FireFox you can add in a number of add ons and extensions to customize the experience.  So if the software can help me with the fundamentals then I can tweak it to cover the special things that I need it to do with the extensions.

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