Movielink has inked a deal today which will allow them to sell downloads that can be burned to DVD. For sometime Movielink has offered a service, where users could download a rentable version of a movie. Last month they added the ability to download to own a movie and now that owned movie can be burned to a DVD.

Movielink is basically providing more on demand videos to their customers in any format that the user wants to view the movie.

They have also ramped up their advertising campaigns. As they ramp up their business and offer more and more competitive advantages over Netflix, Blockbuster and other DVD resellers and rental companies, their advertising spend grows and they are spending it.

Movielink inked the deal with Sonic Solutions, which is operated by 5 movie studios. Details of just how much additional movie content might be available with or because of the deal have not been released. However, its safe to say that as the movie industry becomes more and more comfortable with the technology that protects their intellectual property, they will continue to race to get this technology to market with their products and avoid situations that has injured the music industry.