MindMeister the Online Collaborative Mind Mapping tool went live today. They are officially out of their super secret beta!

This online mindmapping tool has a lot of potential. I see it as one part mind map and one part Wiki or a Wiki in MindMap form.

Multiple users can easily collaborate on mind maps together at the same time online. The system offers tracking of all of the updates done on the mind maps. It allows the import from other mind mapping program such as Freemind and also Mindmanager.

It seemed fairly basic interface at this point in time, it has a very Web 2.0 look and feel but it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that you might find in mindmanager and to certain extent it’s even still catching up with the Freemind product.

However it is collaborative and it does allow multiple people to work on a mind map at the same time. That is giant and very significant for lots of reasons.

MindMapped Disucssion Forum

It could also be considered something akin to an online mind mapped discussion forum. Users can show up and essentially chat or discuss a topic each person taking a threat is there voice. Or they can jump from one thread to the next and add portions or modify portions of another person’s threat.

In a future article I will show you a quick video introduction of this great new product.

See updated info on MindMeister in the modern age!

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