A week or two ago, I started seeing this advertisement featuring an actor from Law an Order.  I think the ad is for TDAmeritrade.


Anyway, I noticed that the ad features a mindmap in the background to help rapidly convey some information about the products and services without anyone actually having to spell it out and speak it. 

More and more I am finding mind maps in advertising used to get a point across more rapidly and even add some zing to a commercial.  If you think about it, when is the last time you saw a TV commercial where they flashed up a 3 bullet slide show that could have been generated with PowerPoint?

It just doesn’t happen that often and when it does, it is not terribly effective.  I think this is a simple example of a societal trend.  More and more people are starting to

  • accept mindmaps
  • understand mind maps
  • demand graphics that are more media rich and full of information
  • look to take the concepts they see on TV and bring them into their own work and presentations

That last point is key.  Many of us have the Master’s equivalent of an understanding of what is good media and what is bad media. 

We know it when we see it.

WE might not be able to write a dissertation on good v. bad, but we now the good stuff when we see the good stuff and we really know the bad stuff when it flashes on a screen in front of us.  I suspect that this media savvy that is growing in the average consumer and professional will drive more people to demand and eventually create their own better media presentations and tools.  That of course leads us back to my example.  When people start looking for a new way to convey information, mind maps are a natural evolutionary step.

But it need not be limited to presentations.  I think we will start to see a number of interfaces from cell phones to GPS configured with menus that take the shape of mind maps.  Even remote controls or tv menu systems could benefit from this type of layout and organization.  When that happens the demand and use will grow even faster.

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