One of the best tips that I can give any future of my mapper is to use a projector . You will get a tremendous experience if you mind map on your computer and display it on a projector.  It’s better for your eyes, but it’s tremendous group experiences.

Brainstorming through mindmanager is a fantastic way to get an idea out and focused, but when you can put that up on a projector and displayed in a room of people potentially customers or vendors are partners, the software in a projector pay for themselves instantly. 

Now you can’t always travel with a projector. Projector bulbs don’t always travel well and sometimes break.  However you can make arrangements to rent a projector when you arrive at your destination.

If you are trying to reach consensus or if you are trying to help a customer or partner understand a complex topic, there’s no better way to close the deal and to present your offer to a mind map presentation.  So when you travel you should consider renting a projector if you can take one with you.

Projector rentals are becoming more prevalent all around the United States.  If you travel to Seattle, there are Seattle projector rental options available. If you travel to Spokane Washington, there are Spokane projector rental available there also. If you travel to Portland, you guessed it, there are Portland projector rental options available there too.

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean there’s any excuse what you should be able to use a projector while you’re on the road. Most projectors today are so bright that you can display an image on almost any wall or surface.(mirrors excluded 🙂 )

I often times use a projector with my mind maps even when I’m working alone.  It enables me to get up for my desk and walk around and take a different perspective on the mind map and get a feel for what’s going on in that map and what’s going on in my own head.  Plus it’s also good practice for working with the mind map live so that when you sit down with a customer you will be prepared.