I am the type of person that often wakes up in the middle of the night with the idea that solves a problem that I’ve been pondering all day long.  I also come up with some very good ideas while I am taking a shower. 

Today I came up with an idea in the shower and knew that I had to copy it down somehow before lost the idea.  It was just a little too fragile.

The problem was that my computer was locked up somewhere else, of course I’m in the shower and not prepared to go running out of the house and grabbed my computer out of the car right to crank it up and then capture the idea, the neighbors would probably complain, the cops would be called, I’d go to jail, and the idea would be lost.

I’m also that same type of technological idiot that doesn’t keep a piece of paper and a pen around.  I was off for a high-tech solution.  Today that created a real problem.

It didn’t stop me for long however, I got out of the shower and I thought to myself, there’s a perfectly good mirror in front of you.

The mirror was fogged over to my shower.  I quickly turn the exhaust fan also would pull the steam out of the room and erase my potential future mind map, and I began mind mapping on the mirror and the steam.

It didn’t take me long to capture the idea on the mirror.  However, when I was done I realize I’m still the same dilemma that I was when I first stepped out of the shower.

Now I should mention that my wife doesn’t use lipstick very often, but I had the notion that if I could find some lipstick I could trace back over the finger marking diet made on the mirror.  So I quickly began hunting through the bathroom vanities in the house attempting to find some lipstick.

Hang in there and, there’s a point to this story

I eventually found some lipstick, it wasn’t my wife’s lipstick.  It was actually my four-year-old daughter’s lipstick, simply stuff that she had received somewhere. I think it might have been one of those sample type things and maybe a relatively given it to her to play with.

I taught myself it would be bad to user lipstick.  She’d be upset that I used to lipstick on something like work when she could be used in it for play.  I rapidly reasoned that I would be making up for all the times that she had used markers crams pens and pencils on our walls at home in the turnabout is fair play even with a four year old.

So I outline the mind map with the lipstick and everything was rosy, literally.

This is when I had my second idea of the day.

Wouldn’t it be useful to have an optical character recognition tool that could capture the essence of a diagram from a photograph. 

You see I was being lazy or reliant on technology again.  I wanted to take a picture of the mind map and run the image to an OCR tool, which would then convert that image directly and to a MindManager mind map.

Now your average business user isn’t going to need an opt or character recognition tool to copy images off of their bathroom mirror.  However, it could be very useful to deal with copy an image off of a white board or even a piece of paper and have it interpret into a mind map.

So if you’re a developer or programmer and want to take this idea and run, go for it you probably will make a fortune with.  I’m going to make a fortune with the other idea that I captured and don’t have time for this one. 🙂