In a perfect world I could just think things and they’d be automatically etched into my computer’s hard drive, I’d receive fair and equitable compensation and the knowledge would be funneled down the pipe to the person that needed it next. We don’t live in a completely digital world and as such we must make plans and preparations to deal with the move in and out of the digital world.

I do most of my mindmapping and strategy using MindManager Pro 6. Its an excellent tool and helps me to manage my white board prone ideas in a digital environment where it can be rapidly disseminated to collaborators around the world in formats ranging from MindManager to Word to MS Project or Powerpoint, Visio or even a PDF or HTML version.

Nothing today is one hundred percent digital. When it comes time to host a training session or even a productive brainstorm meeting, it helps if the meeting is configured in a style conducive to allowing the individuals present to maximize their input and minimize their distractions. They need comfortable and functional furniture for the meeting.

Many times meeting rooms will be configured in a way that the larges possible round or oval table will be positioned to make an impression on visitors. However, a vast amount of space often becomes unusable or becomes rapidly cluttered. The clutter and inefficiency can become a distraction and this detracts from the need to figure out a problem and get the meeting over with as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Mayline Furniture offers meeting and training room table arrangements that can solve this problem. They specifically offer a U shaped arrangement that effectively brings people together, but opens up the interior of the space for more active participation. The tables also help to delineate seating arrangements such that extra clutter does not become and issue and so that meeting participants are less likely to bring other work not related to the meeting into the meeting evironment, where they might multi-task and detract from the group focus on the primary issue at hand.

Now as a MindMapper I often run into a different type of issue all together. What do I do with a great printed out MindMap. For many years I would roll mind maps and store them in canisters. This is an effective solution, however if you find yourself going to these files often, it is difficult to find the map you need in a hurry and the edges of the map always get bent, ripped and generally destroyed.

A more effective strategy is to use a Plan Filing cabinet. This is bascially a large cabinet that stores paper plans horizontally. This can keep documents from getting wripped up and when it comes time to lay the plan out flat on a table or wall, the paper will not roll up like a scroll. This is one of the most effective methods I’ve found to protect paper versions of a map for the long haul.

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