I received this email the other day from Mindjet that said that 91% of MindManager users were satisfied with the upgrade to version 7.


Now, when I first read that, I actually misread it.  It was about 2 am and I had been working late on a Sunday night preparing for Monday morning.

I inaccurately thought that it stated that 91% of MindManager Users had already upgraded.

So I thought to myself, why are they sending out this email?  I upgraded a year ago, and it looks like everyone else upgraded too.  At 91% there aren’t going to be any users left to upgrade.

Of course that was fuzzy sleep deprived logic based on a mis read.

When I came back and read it again (after a full night of sleep, the first in 4 nights), it made a lot more sense and was actually a a good number to throw around.

5 MindManager 6 Licenses Available at a Steal

Now, you will notice that it only costs $174 for an upgrade to version 7.

I point that out, because I have a good friend that has 5 unopened boxes with Version 6 inside (never registered or used -license, CD and everything).  If you would like to purchase these  (in the continental US) feel free to make me an offer.  I’m just trying to help a friend unload extra copies.  (they’ve upgraded their copies in use to 7 already too!)


Here’s the Company Pitch on Why You Should Upgrade

  1. New! Fewer steps to create, format and save custom topic styles for reuse during brainstorming and project planning.
  2. New! Topic Sorting prioritizes, highlights and organizes topics by alphanumeric order, alphabetical only, task completion percentage or task priority.
  3. New! Saving of map views plus more control over manipulating and viewing large maps eliminates time-consuming content searches.
  4. New! Easy-to-use, Microsoft-inspired ribbon interface simplifies map creation and access to advanced MindManager functions.
  5. New! Better Microsoft Office integration.
  6. Only $174**—50% off $349 price new users pay.
  7. Bonus! Free tools and resources (valued at more than $250), including productivity packs and real-world tips to optimize MindManager Pro 7.

I would simply add to that, that this version is more stable and reliable for the most part.

So if you have to tap one of your savings accounts to try MindManager or upgrade to version 7, what are you waiting for?  If someone asked you if you wanted to be smarter and more efficient today, would you decline and ask for more time?

No thanks, I’ll wait to get smarter, improve my communications skills, and become more efficient at work next week, next month or next year.

There’s not time like the present.