There is supposed to be a new update available for MindManager Pro 7.  The update number is 7.1.388.

I would love to tell you about it, however, when I click the update button, I get the message that I have latest update which was 7.0.429.

So somewhere along the way there are some cobwebs somewhere, either on my machine or in MMPro7 or on the Mindjet site.

The MindManager groups at Yahoo lists a manual download link location at

MindManager Manual Download Link

Note, make sure you write down your license number before you run it and also if you have a number of customizations, I highly advise you sign up for the Yahoo MindManager group and check out some of the tips and tricks recommended there.

Well, that’s all I know about that.  I’m off for the holidays in another 24 hours.  Going to drive a lot, visit St Louis and Peoria, then Atlanta and back to North Carolina.  Visiting with Family, getting the kids outside in the snow, playing a little pool with my brother (he just installed some fancy pool table lights ) and hopefully get some relaxation in before 2008 kicks off with a busy bang.

If I get a little spare time, I’m hoping to reorganize my collection of mindmaps.  I’m hoping to organize them better for access to the information, but I’m also hoping to extrapolate out templates from some of these maps for future mindmap template sharing.  Plus, I’m hoping to cleanse some of the maps, so that I can share the actual information while protecting the innocent.  🙂