I wrote a week or two back that there was a MindManager Pro 7 update available, but for some reason I could not find it when I went through normal channels on my computer(video on how to find MM update availability manually).

Normal Channels being either me hitting the update button in the menu or having the program itself automatically check for an update.

So today when I went to launch MindManager 7 Pro (shortly after waking up!  🙂 ) this time I received a pop up window in the program telling me what I already know, that an update was available for my computer.  So I clicked on the button to get it and get the show on the road!


Here is what I found on the mindjet site after accepting the update.


  • You will have to reboot your windows machine after the installation, so install when you do not need your other programs running.
  • You will have to shut down all windows applications and MindManager before installing.  That includes Outlook, which on some computers will run in a hidden capacity in the right task bar.
  • Now the update is 82mb long, not super large, but not super small either.
  • You should not loose your Map Templates built up, saved up and downloaded over the ages

If you can’t find where your Map Templates are located in MindManager 7 like me, just go to your tools menu, its the button on the right.  I always look for it in the formatting section and never find it.  🙁

The Upgrade Windows preview so you do not panic

  1. mindmanagerupdate-virus-warning
    1. There was no virus in mine, you should not have one in yours.
  2. 2008-01-02_1429
    1. I mentioned this above, this is the first time they give you this type of warning.
    2. Note. they do not warn you that you will have to reboot your system.
  3. close-ms-programs-again
    1. In case you were not paying attention the first time, you may get a 2nd warning even when all of your applications are closed.  🙂
  4. 2008-01-02_1443
    1. I wish mindjet had told me about this one before I started the installation.  It is a common enough practice, but it never fails to catch me by surprise with many programs.

So all in all the installation went fine.  I do not know yet why it took so long for my computer to find the update, not like I was looking for movers New York to ship a whale cross country or something (bad analogy), but all in all I’m through the holidays, into the new year and the update is running.  I’ll let you know how it works as I use it.